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Company News

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MPS Red Meat Slaughtering B.V.
Albert Schweitzerstraat 33
7131 PG Lichtenvoorde, Netherlands
P.O.BOX 160
7130 AD Lichtenvoorde, Netherlands

Phone: +31-544 39 05 00
Fax: +31-544 37 52 55


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MPS Red Meat Slaughtering for meat processing

MPS Red Meat Slaughtering is the world’s leading specialist in facilitating the first stage of the meat preparation process: the slaughtering process. We work closely with our customers to develop, install and commission slaughter lines for pigs, cattle and calves, and sheep.

MPS Red Meat Slaughtering is a full-line supplier, which means that we design, manufacture and install process equipment, transport systems and control systems that meet the customer’s requirements.

MPS Red Meat Slaughtering produces slaughter lines for pigs, calves, cattle and sheep including the various component parts that are highly efficient, hygienically designed, economical to maintain and easy to operate.

  • Pigs: full-line solutions for 40 – 1,600 pigs an hour
  • Cattle: full-line solutions for 10 - 150 cattle an hour
  • Sheep: full-line solutions for 100 – 1,000 sheep an hour
  • Automated slaughtering solutions: kill floor automated solutions for 200 – 1,300 pigs an hour

The highest standard

MPS designs, builds and installs equipment that meets the highest standards the market demands. We offer specialized solutions for specific needs:

  • Welfare line: meets demands for the highest level of animal welfare.
  • Q-line: integrates our latest innovations in a state-of-the-art slaughter line for the most demanding customers and markets.
  • Grow with your market ®: the MPS Grow with your market ® concept allows you to grow with your market without having to invest now for the capacity you will need in the future. Specially geared to Asian markets that demand complete flexibility and the highest standard.
  • Compact line: combines MPS’s superb quality with total, low-capacity slaughter solutions (pigs, up to 70 an hour, and cattle, up to 20 an hour). Specially for markets that demand total stand-alone solutions.