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Company News

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Otto-Hahn-Str. 5
21509 Glinde, Germany
Postfach 13 28
21505 Glinde, Germany

Phone: +49-40 72 77 04-0
Fax: +49-40 72 77 04-77


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About us

Our Vision

We are an agile, multi-national business partner, providing our customers with solutions that offer the best cost of ownership for the processing and packaging of valuable goods.


TIPPER TIE begins the 21st century as the premier company in the world-wide clipper and clip business. Our products are used everyday to process and package foods vital to the diets of people all over the world. It is hard to find a refrigerator case anywhere in the developed world that does not include foods processed or packaged with TIPPER TIE, Inc.™, TIPPER TIE TECHNOPACK™ or TIPPER TIE ALPINA™ clippers and clips.

But, TIPPER TIE doesn't just serve the meat and poultry industries, our products provide trusted closure solutions to companies such as pet food manufacturers, fish wholesalers, Christmas tree farmers, sandbag producers, the civil engineering and explosives industry and much more!

Dover Corporation Code of Business Conduct & Ethics
Statement by the President and Chief Executive Officer – Dover Corporation

Ethics are vital to Dover and each of its companies and employees. Dover is committed to the highest ethical standards and to conducting its business with the highest level of integrity. Personally, I believe this commitment is at the core of what makes Dover successful.

An uncompromising adherence to ethical excellence is integral to creating and sustaining the necessary strong foundation on which Dover’s success is built and on which Dover can grow and prosper.

Each Dover employee is responsible for the consequences of his or her actions. We must each be honest and ethical in our personal conduct as well as be a guardian of Dover’s high ethical standards.

Leaders in Dover have the extra responsibility of setting an example by their personal performance and an attitude that conveys our ethical values. That example leads us to treat everyone - employees, clients, prospects, suppliers and competitors - with honesty and respect.

If you are unsure of the appropriate action, take advantage of our open door, informal environment and raise your concerns with management or, if you are still uncomfortable, follow the processes outlined in this Code of Business Conduct & Ethics.

Robert A. Livingston

President and Chief Executive Officer of Dover Corporation