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Product Category Overview

Product Category Overview

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Hygienic - safe - cost-effective

NORKA luminaires such as the BITBURG model are some of the preferred products for the illumination of industrial food production and processing plants. They comply with IP rating IP69K, in other words, they are both dust and waterproof and can reliably withstand the fiercest cleaning processes with high-pressure cleaners, aggressive cleaning and disinfectant agents. As the backs of the luminaires can also be rinsed, germs and bacteria can be removed from literally all surfaces.

Whether for production facilities and suppliers in the food and beverages industry or in production facilities with higher ambient temperatures - the BITBURG polymer luminaires comply with the strict requirements of the HACCP concept. As is the case for all NORKA reflector tubes, the BITBURG lamp, be it either a T8 or T5 fluorescent lamp, is encased with a PMMA reflector tube. On the one hand these polymer cylinders provide glare-free, efficient light output and, on the other hand, they enable the luminaires to be cleaned with aggressive cleaning agents and high pressure. The protection tubes are resistant to corrosion as well as to acid and alkalines. Their smooth surface and joints between all of the external components prevent dirt from accumulating. As standard the BITBURG luminaires are fitted with a long-life NORKA industrial ECG that ensures at least 100,000 hours of interrupt-free operation.

BITBURG luminaires can be maintained without any interruptions in production, in other words during ongoing production. They have reflector tubes that can be swivelled and which can be applied next to the production line. A lamp can be exchanged by one person without any tools, thereby saving costs. Through the patented "quick-mounting pressure cap" from NORKA only two stainless steel clamps must be actuated to open the lamp chamber and then to lock it again tightly.

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Compact spotlights in a new context: POLARIS with new lumen

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NORKA, the specialist in technical illumination at high IP ratings for extreme ambient conditions, is continuing the success story of the POLARIS with new additional versions. With the compact spotlights POLARIS 83/ 122/ 160/ 186/ 197/ 232/ 248 and 275, the product family now includes a range of identical LED luminaires using XENA® lighting technology. In three different white colour temperatures, the lumen values vary between 7,000 lm and 27,510 lm with optimum thermal management.

The combination with miscellaneous cover screens creates maximum flexibility. With clear cover screens made of safety glass, the POLARIS plays out its strengths as a high-bay luminaire – for example for the illumination of high rack warehouses or warehouse halls. Structured screens on the other hand create a very soft, diffuse light flow – ideal for areas which require a high level of consistent lighting with reduced shadow formation. If polycarbonate is used for the cover screen, the luminaire meets the requirements of the HACCP model and can therefore be deployed in the food and beverages industry.

Combined with the variety of interchangeable on-site prism screens for asymmetric, linear or rotation symmetric light distribution, the spotlight is a profitable solution for many fields of application.

POLARIS spotlights can be used at ambient temperatures of -35 °C to +55 °C, and their possible applications range from mounting on vibrating heavy load cranes through lighting systems for warehouses and shipping halls to food processing plants and outside areas.

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