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Company News

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MPS Red Meat Slaughtering B.V.
Albert Schweitzerstraat 33
7131 PG Lichtenvoorde, Netherlands
P.O.BOX 160
7130 AD Lichtenvoorde, Netherlands

Phone: +31-544 39 05 00
Fax: +31-544 37 52 55


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MPS realises showcase PAMCo, Punjab Agricultural Meat Company in Lahore
Government of Pakistan has established a new state-of-art slaughterhouse for sheep and cattle.

The official opening of this Punjab slaughterhouse (under the name of Lahore Meat Processing Complex, Shahpur Kanjran) took place on December 25, 2011. The project itselves has been a big challenge due to the sharp time frame of delivery, which has been succeeded. This slaughterhouse ... more